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Beef a la Carte

Please email us at to order  from our a la carte menu,

We will hand pack an order for you and send you an invoice.

Our shipping boxes hold up to 15  pounds of beef.  Shipping in Georgia is a flat $20.

Shipping to the continental US outside of Georgia ranges from $20 to $85; we'll calculate shipping once we have your address.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or call Val at 706-286-4308

Flat Iron Cut 1.jpg


Filet   $60/lb

Ribeye   $42 /lb

NY Strip   $32 /lb

Delmonico    $47 /lb

Sirloin   $27 /lb

Flat Iron   $30/ lb

Flank   $28 /lb

Skirt   $24/ lb

Merlot   $28/ lb

Hanger   $27 /lb

Denver   $22 /lb


Brisket   $19 /lb

Chuck   $19 /b

Eye of Round   $16 /lb

Rump   $16 /lb

Sirloin Tip   $16 /lb

Tri Tip   $25 /lb

Picanha   $25 /lb

Osso Bucco $17 /lb


Daily Fare

Ground Beef   $14 /lb

Cubed Steak   $16 /lb

Fajita Strips   $16 /lb

Stew Beef   $16 /lb

Brat style Sausages   $18 /lb

Bulk Sausage   $16 /lb


Liver   $22 /lb

Heart   $22 /lb

Kidney   $16 /lb

Tongue   $20 /lb

short ribs.jpg

Ribs & Bones

Short Ribs   $15 /lb

Oxtail   $20 /lb

Marrow   $12 /lb

Knuckle   $10 /lb

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