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Beef a la Carte

Get lifetime grass-fed, grass-finished Eden Pure Beef shipped to your door!  We ship our beef via UPS within the continental US.  To order one of our beef boxes, click here

If you don't see an assortment that fits your needs, please email us at to order  from our a la carte menu,

We will hand pack an order for you and send you an invoice.

Our shipping boxes hold up to 15  pounds of beef.  Overnight shipping ranges from $30 to  $120 depending on your distance from  our farm in Georgia. 

We'll calculate shipping once we have your address.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or call Val at 706-286-4308

Flat Iron Cut 1.jpg


Filet   $70.50/lb

Boneless Ribeye $54.50/lb

Bone-In Ribeye   $48.50/lb

NY Strip   $39.00 /lb

Sirloin   $33.00 /lb

Chuck Eye  $42.50 /lb
Flat Iron   $34.00 /lb

Flank   $31.50 /lb

Skirt   $30.00/ lb

Merlot   $25.00/ lb

Hanger   $30.50 /lb

Denver   $27.00 /lb

"Cut your own" steaks

Teres major $35.00/lb

Picanha $35.00 /lb

Tri-Tip $35.00 /lb


Brisket   $19.50 /lb

Chuck   $19.50 /b

Sirloin Tip   $19.50 /lb

Rump   $18.50 /lb

Eye of Round  $18.50 /lb

Osso Bucco $17.00 /lb

Eden on the Go


Jerky - 8oz pack  $38.50

Meat Sticks - 8 oz pack $38.50

Daily Fare

Ground Beef   $16.00 /lb

Cubed Steak   $18.50 /lb

Fajita Strips   $18.5.0 /lb

Stew Beef   $18.50 /lb

 Link Sausages   $19.50 /lb

Bulk Sausage   $18 /lb


Liver   $24.50 /lb

Heart   $24.50 /lb

Kidney   $14.50 /lb

Tongue   $22.00 /lb

short ribs.jpg

Ribs & Bones

Short Ribs   $18.50 /lb

Oxtail   $22.00 /lb

Marrow (2" cuts)  $13.50 /lb

Marrow Canoe Cut $20 /lb

Knuckle   $11.00 /lb

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