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100% Lifetime Grass-fed Beef.

Regenerative, sustainable, and Eden Pure.

Our cattle are 100% lifetime grass-fed and grass-finished. They are never fed grain.  We use no mRNA or vaccines, no hormones, and no antibiotics.  We go beyond the organic standard to bring you beef that is raised in harmony with nature's design, exceptional in its purity, and quite simply the best beef you have ever set on your dinner table.

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But I did not always farm this way...

In the 1990s I began farming and played the game of "better living through chemistry".  I sprayed the fields with herbicides to kill weeds, used pesticides to kill army worms and other bugs I deemed a threat to my pasture.

I fed the cattle lots of corn byproducts, whole cottonseed, expired cereal, rejected candy and gum, and even chicken litter (yep, that's just a polite word for chicken poop). I gave them lots of vaccines, antibiotics, wormed them twice a year and threw everything in the book at them to get the cheapest cost of gain per pound.

Then I shipped these cattle all across the United States, which often required even more injections to make sure the cows were "healthy" enough for the trip and would not pose an infectious risk to other livestock during their journey.  On one of these occasions, six previously healthy steer collapsed after being vaccinated.  They did not recover and had to be put down.    As I reflected on the loss, I had an

Could I simply stop using vaccines and routine antibiotics and raise cattle like my forefathers did generations ago?  Could my cattle be healthy living off the feed God provided . . .living as close to a natural lifestyle as I could arrange?

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It was during this time that my mother was fighting breast cancer, and she fought not only against the threat to her life and health, but also against what she saw as a danger to her family.  She was already insisting that I pay someone else to spray the pastures.

Taking my cue from her, I decided to discontinue spraying them altogether. I allowed the weeds to take over my pastures, providing a wide variety of hardy plant life for my cattle to browse.

I began to research the more natural cattle farming practices, and I stopped using vaccines and antibiotics. I began developing a herd of cattle that could thrive naturally. I made the decision to keep my cattle in the pasture rather than finishing them in a feed lot.The land grew lush with weeds that survive all kinds of weather.
The cattle thrived and grew stronger with each generation.
I planted native herbs and grasses among the existing species, further expanding the diversity of forage for my cattle and providing food and shelter for many creatures, creating a thriving ecosystem that is teeming with wildlife.

No grain. No pharma. No chemicals.
No junk. No kidding.

​ Twenty years later, Falling Creek Farms has a strong herd of cattle living in harmony with nature in an almost “wild” state. They are raised without vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, or routine wormers.  They feed only on the grasses and “weeds” flourishing in our pastures.  They drink fresh water from the streams and springs throughout our farm.​


There is no grain in their diet - ever. 

No chemicals of any kind are ever used on or in the cattle, or on the land.​ My goal is to bring you beef that is wholesome, and clean and pure, raised the way God and nature intended.


Hippocrates said, "Let your food be your medicine."

I say, "Let your beef be Eden Pure."

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