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Farm Tour & Wellness Expo

1942 Union Point Rd, Stephens Ga 30667

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Worship Service led by Byron Beam at 10:00 am

Activities and Lectures from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Local Farm and Artisan Marketplace from 10:30 am - 5:00 pm

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If you came to Farm Tour 2019, you know we do things a little differently!  We don't have a petting zoo or a potato cannon.  Our tour is a peek at the amazing biodiversity found on a regenerative farm and an education in a farming philosophy that begins with the health of the land.  And this year we have added a panel of natural health experts to present on a range of health topics from traditional nutrition to managing your blood pressure!

Admission is free, so pack a picnic and head to Falling Creek Farms on Sunday, April 24th!

Our schedule of events will include:
A hay ride with Farmer Emmet


Learn about the conservation efforts and the ways Falling Creek Farms' pasture management works with nature to encourage biodiversity, sequester carbon, and raise exceptional cattle

Emmets Hay Ride Tour.jpg
Donna with birds 1x1.jpg
Meet Local Birds of Prey and their Human Handlers

Ben Hill, from the  Georgia Falconry Association will  discuss the relationship between bird and handler and share how their interactions with these birds helps to ensure that they continue to thrive in the wild. 

Meet Dr. Ellie Campbell, DO & learn about 
Your Blood Pressure Blueprint
  • Why you and your doctor are probably measuring blood pressure WRONG!

  • Preventable health tragedies from undertreated high blood pressure (that were made worse by Covid and may continue to leave you at risk for the next year!)

  •  Natural remedies and foods to lower blood pressure and reduce risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney disease 

  • 5 instant blood pressure hacks that may prevent an Emergency Room visit 

Dr Ellie Campbell.jpg
Fabiana Pimenta Yoga.jpg

Yoga for Every Body

Join Fabiana Pimenta for a discussion of yoga's many benefits and get a taste of her yoga class as she leads you through a few of her favorite poses.  Fabiana has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and uses yoga to manage her fibromyalgia and daily stress from her work in medical research.  Three years ago she earned her yoga teaching certification in order to share the mind and body benefits of this ancient practice with others. 

Also joining us will be
Heather Welsh, to talk about traditional nutrition,
and some local farmers and artisans will set up a marketplace with the best in locally grown and crafted goods!

We encourage you to bring a picnic lunch!  We will have samples of our beef for you to try and we will also have  a few vendors will refreshments and snacks to sell.  Ceylon Snack Hut will have Sri Lankan chicken buns and savory Udu Vada as well as spiced, iced coffee for sale (pictures coming soon!)

Our vendors in this year's  marketplace include:
Buffalo Creek Berry Farm
Ceylon Snack Hut
ATH Salted Caramels

Jersey Fresh Dairy

See you at Falling Creek Farms!
April 24th 2022
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
1942 Union Point Rd  Stephens GA 30667

Schedule of Events:

10:00 am -

  • Byron Beam  leads  a devotional and talks about his work in clean water ministries around the world

11:00 am -

  • Yoga for Every Body with Fabiana Pimenta

12:00 pm -

  • Ben  Hill & the Ga Falconry Association introduce their birds

1:00 pm -

  • Heather Welsh:  Nutritional Density- How to Find it, Produce it, and Prepare it! (plus an Instant Pot cooking demo)

2:00 pm -

  • Dr. Ellie Campbell:  Your Blood Pressure Blue Print

3:00 pm -

  • A Tour of Regenerative Farming with Farmer Emmet

4:00 pm -

  • Scavenger Hunt for Weeds with Megan Reed!  Seek culinary and medicinal plants growing on Falling Creek Farms!

  • HoneyBee Q&A - check out our observation hive and chat with Val about bees

  • Last call for marketplace shopping - grab a snack from Ceylon Snack Hut, a sweet treat from ATH Salted Caramels, berries, jams, and other goodies from Buffalo Creek Berry Farm, and raw milk products from Jersey Fresh Dairy

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