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Cubed Steak Stacker

Lettuce wraps and salad stack "sandwiches" are my favorite KETO go-to ideas when the weather gets warm! What I love about this method of preparing cubed steak is that I can prep the salad stack for myself and serve the meat-and-potato crowd in my home the same cubed steak, but with a different set of sides! Best of all, it does NOT feel like dieting when you have a thick and tender Eden Pure Beef cubed steak in the center of your sandwich!


  • (2 Tbsp) oil - Avocado or Olive

  • (1 - 2 pounds) Cubed steak, thawed and separated

  • (1 medium, sliced) Onion

  • (4 - 6 cloves) garlic

  • (1/2 cup -- 1 cup) Beef Broth or leftover pot liquor from cooking roast


Directions for Instant Pot 

Pour olive or avocado oil into Instant Pot and press "saute"

Allow oil to heat for two minutes then brown each cubed steak for 1 minute on each side before removing from pot.  After all have been browned, add onions and garlic, then put all of the cubed steak back into the pot.

pour broth over steaks and onion

Turn Instant Pot "OFF", then press "steam"

Cook at medium pressure for 15 minutes.  Allow pressure to drop on its own.

You may start these early in the day and allow the cubed steaks to remain on "Low" after the pressure cycle is over until you are ready to eat.

To make wraps (not pictured) Lay down two large iceberg lettuce leaves, one nested inside the other.   Place strips of cubed steak, onion, tomato, and avocado inside the leaves top with gorgonzola or bleu cheese and your preferred dressing.  Wrap like a burrito.

Salad stacks are even simpler - start with two large iceberg lettuce leaves, nested, and fold in half.  Layer cubed steak, tomato slices, pickles, avocado and your favorite condiment. Top with another set of folded lettuce leaves.  Secure with a toothpick and enjoy!


cubed steak stacker_edited.jpg
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