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Eden Pure Beef, Shipped to Your Door!

Choose one of our Beef Boxes for easy one-click shopping or email us with your request for a custom assortment. Our shipping containers  hold up to 15 lbs of Eden Pure Beef  plus enough dry ice to get it safely to your door via UPS.  Our preferred shipping method is UPS Next Day Saver, which guaranteess delivery by 4pm.

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout and range from $25 within the state of Georgia to $105 to California (as of August 2023).  Our website will pull the current rate for shipping when you enter your address.

At the moment we are  updating our site to improve shipping rate accuracy.  To get an accurate rate, please only purchase ONE box at a time.  We are working with WIX to more fully automate this part of checkout,  but at the moment, if you purchase more than one box in the same transaction, your shipping rate will NOT be accurate and we will need to invoice you for the difference before your order can be shipped.  We do not mark up shipping at all and use the UPS live rate at the time your order is placed.


email Val if you have any questions at

Our a la carte menu is below.   If you don't see an assortment that quite fits your needs,

please email us at to have a custom box assembled for you.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or call Val at 706-286-4308

Flat Iron Cut 1.jpg


Filet   $68/lb

Ribeye   $49 /lb

NY Strip   $35 /lb

Boneless Ribeye   $49 /lb

Sirloin   $29 /lb

Flat Iron   $30/lb

Flank   $28 /lb

Hanger   $27 /lb

Denver   $24 /lb

Ranch  $24/lb


Brisket   $18 /lb

Chuck   $18 /b

Eye of Round   $16 /lb

Rump   $16 /lb

Sirloin Tip   $18 /lb

Tri Tip   $24/lb

Picanha   $24 /lb

Osso Bucco $15 /lb  


Daily Fare

Ground Beef   $15 /lb

Cubed Steak   $17 /lb

Fajita Strips   $17/lb

Stew Beef   $17 /lb

 Sausage   $19 /lb


Liver   $22 /lb

Heart   $22 /lb

Kidney   $14 /lb

Tongue   $20 /lb

Unrendered Tallow  $11/lb

Kidney fat   $15/lb

Rendered Tallow   $35/quart


short ribs.jpg

Ribs & Bones

Short Ribs   $15 /lb

Oxtail   $22 /lb

Marrow   $13 /lb

Knuckle   $11 /lb

Broth & Tallow

Unrendered Tallow  $11/lb

Kidney fat   $15/lb

Rendered Tallow   $38/quart

Bone Broth  $16/ 14-oz pouch

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