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Prices for Pickups

Whether you are picking u p at one of our Atlanta farmer's market locations or picking up in the Athens area refer to this price list.  To order ahead and have your Eden Pure Beef waiting for you at the farmer's market or to meet up in Athens, email Val at

Deadline for Saturday pickup is Wednesday at midnight

Deadlilne for Monday meetups in Athens is Saturday at midnight


Picanha   $22 /lb

Tri Tip   $22 /lb

Brisket   $16 /lb

Chuck   $16 /lb

Sirloin Tip   $15 /lb

Osso Bucco $14/lb

Top Round  $16/ lb

Eye of Round   $16 /lb

Rump   $14 /lb


Daily Fare

Ground Beef   $13 /lb

Cubed Steak   $15 /lb

Fajita Strips   $15 /lb

Stew Beef   $15 /lb


Link Sausages   $16 /lb

Bulk Sausage   $17/lb

Our current sausages seasonings include: 

Sweet Italian, Chorizo, Cajun, Breakfast Blend and Jalapeno Cheese.


Liver   $20 /lb

Heart   $20 /lb

Kidney   $12 /lb

Tongue   $18 /lb

short ribs.jpg

Ribs & Bones

Oxtail   $20 /lb

Short Ribs   $13 /lb

Marrow   $11 /lb

Knuckle   $ 9/lb


With the exception of filet, steaks are only available as a companion sale with an equal amount of beef from any other category.

Filet   $58 /lb

Delmonico    $45 /lb

Ribeye   $40 /lb

NY Strip   $32 /lb

Sirloin   $27 /lb

Flat Iron   $28

Merlot     $26 /lb

Flank   $26 /lb

Hanger   $25 /lb

Denver   $22 /lb

Flat Iron Cut 1.jpg
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